“Make Money Online... Here’s How!”

A free tutorial on how to make money from your home.
By your Friendly E-commerce Coach Manuel Viloria - www.viloria.com - Email
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If you're curious about how to make money on the internet even while you sleep, read the following step-by-step process to making money on the web:

» Step 1: Sign-up as a Sitesell.com Affiliate
When you sign-up (for free) as a Sitesell.com affiliate, you will gain access to free training on how to successfully sell products and services online.

Step 2: Make A List Of Interests/Topics.
What topics, information, or hobbies are you interested in? What are you able to talk about for around 30 minutes? What topics are people around you experts on?

Step 3: Determine Market Demand/Supply For Those Topics.
Are there enough people surfing the internet, who are also interested in those topics? Are there merchants selling goods and services related to those topics? Type in the words/phrases in your list (Step 2) into the box found in the Pixelfast Overture Tool:

» http://www.pixelfast.com/overture/

The left column will show you merchants and how much they're willing to pay for people interested in those topics. The right column will show you how many times those topics were searched for in a previous month.

Focus on two- or three-word phrases.

Step 4: Set-Up Your WordPress blog or web site.
WordPress (WordPress.org) is a free program used to create easy-to-update web sites. If you want me to install WordPress on your site, simply sign-up for web hosting at Host4Profit using the link below, and I'll install WordPress on your site for free (code: 1028).

Host4Profit (H4P) Secure Sign-up Link:
» https://secure10.mysecureorder.net/billing/cgi-bin/hostorder.cgi?1028

(Hosting at H4P requires a monthly investment of only US$24.95)

Step 5: Write and Publish Your Articles.
Publish on your WordPress-powered web site at least three 300-word articles each week. Commit to doing this for three months. Contact me again for the next steps on how to monetize the original content that you've published on your web site.

Five simple steps that require your dedication and perseverance. Others have done it. And so can you.

Kind regards,
Manuel Viloria
Internet Multimedia Publisher (podcasting / videoblogging)